3 best companies out of the top 10 smart phones companies

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Decisions play a very important role in everybody’s life. It doesn’t matters if you are an individual or a big multinational company; right decision often pays you back with rewards, and wrong ones brings nightmares. Whatever you decide, is what you reap. That is what we learn from the top 10 smart phones companies in the world. Their decision to make smart phones might have sounded extremely absurd and ridiculous idea, but eventually paid them off with great rewards.

Honestly, 10-15 years ago, a CEO deciding to manufacturer a phone that could do complex and complicated computer competent activities, would have been immediately fired from his position, would have been blacklisted in the industry, and would have been reported to the asylum. However, there were people who took such decisions and nothing as such happened. Rather, they took their company to a height where sky is the limit.

Let us throw light on few of the top 10 smart phones companies, who decided to be different and rule the world today.


The name comes first as soon as you talk smart phones. The reason is quite obvious. It was apple who revolutionized the technology world with its launch of I-Phone in 2007. When the world was thinking of bringing something different, something new, Apple launched its first smart phone, which not only was an exciting piece of advanced technology and modern features, but was a master piece. It was the first compact small computer which could be used as a phone. The idea of complete touch regulated control was another out of the box features that Apple Came up with. Since then, Apple did not look back. Each year it came up with extremely new features, designs, and up gradations to draw people’s attention towards itself. With launch of Apple’s I-Phone 5, I-Phone 5C, and I-Phone 6, it proved its excellence on smart phones.


HTC is another big and old name in the smart phones industry. Right after the launch of I-Phone by apple in 2007, HTC came up with its first smart phone, in 2008, called HTC Dream. This was the first phone to use Android, developed by Andy Rubin and backed by Google. The features of Android went quite pale in front of colorful features of IOS, and thus Android did not receive much appreciation then. However, HTC did, and it managed to come up with excellent models of smart phones, and extremely advanced models, and gradually developed one of the best smart phones, HTC One M8.


If you talk about top 10 smart phones company, and do not mention ‘Samsung’, it will be unfair to the discussion. Samsung is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smart phones. It is also a fact that after the launch of I-Phone from Apple, the second smart phone was launched by HTC, and not Samsung. However it is also true that Android became extremely popular with Samsungs creative designs and innovative features.

These were few of the top 10 smart phone companies. There are plenty more Like Nokia, TCL, and Sony etc. which are equally growing.