A brief basic about Smart phone amongst top 10 smart phones

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There was a time, around a decade ago, when Smartphone industry was small and alien to the real world. People found it really hard to understand what smart phones were meant to do and how can they be useful. However, this realization has really taken the smart phone world too far from where it was. The smart phone industry has grown into a massive hi-tech world, and its growth has not stopped yet. It is growing tremendously to meet up to the demands and requirements. Seeing this growing trend, many big companies too have devoted themselves into making Smart phones.

Before we talk about the companies that make models amongst the top 10 smart phones, let me take you through the basics of smart phones. We all talk about smart phones, but do we really know what it is.

What is Smart Phone?

A smart phone is a mobile phone which is just like an ordinary mobile phone, but has high computing capability and connectivity. In other words, a smart phone can call, send and receive text messages, just like an ordinary mobile phone, but at the same could perform advanced activities of a computer, and could connect to devices to transfer data and information. In simple words, a smart phone has more advanced features than just normal phone.


The price of a smart phone depends on the various things that are incorporated in a smart phone. The price varies with the design, features, looks, advanced technology incorporated, and operative capability of a smart phone. In other words, a simple smart phone, with basic features and basic connectivity will come at a very reasonable and low price. On the other hand, a smart phone with advanced technology and high end features, or say a smart phone that comes in top 10 smart phones list will have a higher price. Price of a smart phone also depends on the geography it is sold in. over all, taking worldwide equations into consideration, a smart phone can be bought for as low as 30-40 United States Dollars, and can range up to 700 United states Dollars.

What Runs a Smart Phone?

As mentioned earlier, a smart phone, whether a basic one, or one that is listen in top 10 smart phones,  can perform complex and complicated activities just like a computer. Thus, like a computer, a smart phone too, requires an operating system to operate. A smart phone operates on an operating system, but the difference is that the operating system, used to run or operate a smart phone is completely different from the operating system of computers. The operating systems of smart phones are specifically designed to run and operate functions and connectivity of a mobile phone. Though powerful, the operating system of a smart phone has limitation. It provides the platform to run various applications and features of the smart phone, through which it can perform complex activities. The better or the powerful your Operating system, the better your smart phone works. Just like computers, Operating systems or OS are the life line of smart phones.