Companies, Which Failed to Impress like Top 10 Smartphone companies

top 10 smartphone

The fight between technology companies and smart phone manufacturers is growing tougher every single day. The race of delivering something unique and something better than the others, have grown to another level, and is stiffer now. Though few companies, with their strong ideas and decisions, have made it to the top, few are fading away. Capturing the market with innovation and creativity is not an easy task, but a task that is tougher than this, is to survive competition. In this article, we will focus on few brands, and on their stand in this highly competitive market of smart phones.

There are several companies that are in the list of top 10 smart phones companies, but have lost the opportunity and at the same time, lost its position. There are many such companies, which were once ruling the mobile market, but now hardly could make it to the top 10 smart phones companies. The list of companies that we are talking here will include companies that could have been a bigger brand, seeing the position it enjoyed, but eventually failed to make an impression.

The names of such companies are as follows:


It will surprise you that the first smart phone with advanced and modern technology was launched by Apple in 2007. Apple used its own operating system IOS in it, or better known as I-Phone Operating system. However the very first company to use Android in their smart phone was HTC. HTC launched its smart phone in 2008, called HTC Dream. Since then, the company is constantly making extremely advanced and hi-tech smart phones, but failed to make a very outstanding impression. Though its models are always in the list of top 10 smart phones, the impact it could have made on the market, after launching the second advanced smart phone is absconding. However HTC came out with its latest smart phone, HTC One M8, which is said to have one of the best features any smart phone could have. Thus, it is believed that HTC could come back to the list with this model.


NOKIA; once was one of the biggest name of the mobile world, is another company that failed to make an impact on the market. There was a time, when Nokia made one of the most advanced and strong phone. However, with launch of smart phones and additive features in phones, Nokia failed to cope up with the competition and gave away its position. Nokia one used Symbian operating system for its advanced phones. But growing technological application of Android by Samsung, Sony, and other companies, very soon faded away the symbian models.  Nokia then tried to collaborate with Microsoft, which then developed windows OS, specifically for smart phones. Experts believe that the launch was too late, and the market was captured by other technology giants. However Nokia hopes high from its LUMIA model.


Motorola too was once, one of the largest and biggest manufacturers of mobile phones. But with launch of smart phones, there was a phase when Motorola completely went underground from the market. However, with launch of its MOTO G, and MOTO E, it is trying to come back into the market.