The top 10 Smart Phones that comes at a very reasonable Price

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The competition in the smart phone market is very stiff. With rising competition in the market, the smart phone companies have been looking for constant development and up gradation. With growing demands of smart phone, and constant pressure on the company to deliver modern day features, we see a new model being launched every now and then. Though the modern day features and advanced technology have made smart phones expensive, the stiff competition amongst the companies keeps the price in check.

Average price of a Smart Phone:

If one asks, what is the average price of a smart phone; it will be one toughest question to answer. What would you say when you have to calculate an average of a wide range. Yes, it is true that smart phones come at a wide range of price. You can avail a smart phone for as low as 30-35$. At the same time, it may go up to 690-700 US$. Thus stating an average price of a smart phone is not possible.

However if you are thinking that Smart phones are expensive things, then you are completely wrong. There are many cool smart phones with advanced features but are extremely reasonable.  Here is the list of few phones from the top 10 smart phones, which comes at a very reasonable price. They are:

Samsung Galaxy Fame GT:

Samsung is known for making excellent smart phones. You will always find one of two models of Samsung in top 10 smart phones. However, it is also true that Samsung manufacturers quite reasonable smart phones. The Samsung phones are equipped with all the advanced features, a wonderful display, advanced camera, and a very reasonable price. The same goes with Samsung Galaxy Fame GT. The phone is equipped with all modern day features, but comes at a very reasonable cost.

HTC Desire U T327W:

HTC is one of the best companies currently in the smart phone market. Android processors and beautiful design, not only makes it one of the attractive phone to look at, but one of the powerful smart phones as well. With internal memory slot of 32GB and with a feature that supports Dual Sim, this smart phone really is widely popular.

Nokia Lumia 630:

Nokia has been one of the trusted names in the smart phone market. Its model has always served what it has been designed for and that too with strength and toughness. That is how Nokia comes in the list with its utmost quality model, Lumia. It is one of the best phones available in the market, and is available at a very good deal in the market, providing complete value for money.

Philips Smart Phone S388:

Seeing the market of Smart Phones, Philips too, launched its Smartphone S388. The features of this phone are advanced and extremely hi-tech, bringing it in the list of top 10 smart phones that comes at a reasonable price.

BlackBerry Curve 9320:

If you think, BlackBerry only manufactures expensive smart phones, you are completely wrong. BlackBerry launched it’s model curve 9320, with all its advanced feature at a very reasonable rate.